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Why is my overhead garage door noisy?

This could be due to a variety of issues, according to our experts. The most common ones include loose hinges, rollers, and tracks. The spring, hinges, and bearings may also lack lubrication. Rusty overhead door parts make a lot of noise. The dry drive chain or screw of the opener can also be the culprit.

What is PVC overlay?

This is a design component which some steel garage doors have. It goes over the sheet metal layers, plays a decorative role and it can be of any color plus mimic natural wood. While PVC does not have insulation properties, it has good resistance to UV damage, and helps to protect the inner layers of the door.

I can't open my door. Not even manually. What's wrong?

When you find yourself completely unable to open your garage door, not even manually, there could be something wrong with its springs. The system cannot function without these components, as they are the "muscles" that allow it to move. 

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