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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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The Best New Opener

I wanted a more advanced garage door opener than the existing one, but at a reasonable price. These professionals took my request very seriously and provided detailed information, explanations, and clarifications. The friendly technicians answered all of my questions and gave me complete overview of the models which matched my requirements. Thanks to Garage Door Repair Columbia Heights, I got an amazing deal on a state-of-the-art belt drive opener. Replacement work was much faster than I had imagined and adjusted this remarkable crew programmed the transmitter for me as well. I could not have gotten a more beneficial and comprehensive overhead door service.

Dependable Expert Garage Door Maintenance

I cannot care for my unique overhead doors in the way that I would like to and realized this problem quite some time ago so I hired Garage Door Repair Columbia Heights for the job after extensive research. This notable company has a passion and dedication to serve customers wholeheartedly and their professionals provide complete garage door maintenance that is excellent. Service includes thorough cleaning, repainting, testing, inspection, repair, and part replacement. I am particularly happy with the results from the lubrication maintenance. Most importantly, the doors are in excellent condition and work impeccably.

Quick Torsion Spring Replacement

I was scared and confused when I heard a loud bang from the direction of the garage and was afraid the overhead door may collapse over my car so I dialed the number of Garage Door Repair Columbia Heights which had been recommended to me by a coworker. They picked up the phone straight away and sent a mobile crew to my house. The technicians spotted the broken garage door spring immediately and provided replacement in no time while caring to lubrication, too. They were very skilled, worked with great precision, and the replacement torsion spring work without a hitch.

Reliable Bottom Seal Installation

When I received my overhead garage door, I applied adhesive weather strips for providing extra insulation and protection. They wore-out super quickly, however, so quickly called the professionals for great solutions at Garage Door Repair Columbia Heights due to the excellent recommendations from friends. They first installed aluminum retainers which hold the inserts. Then the technicians added the bottom seal, weather strips, and fully completed the work at a superb speed with amazing precision. The new seals stay perfectly in place while the retainers are strong and durable.

Amazing New Parts

My electric operator is fairly new and I provide good care to my garage door, but I could not find a solution to the awful noise during opening and closing. I checked with several companies and hired this one because it had the best offer. The specialist of this company arrived on time and found the sources of the noise almost instantly. He said that the garage door hinges and rollers were too worn, and offered to replace them at a very reasonable price. The new parts were fitted in much less time than anticipated. They are made from very thick galvanized steel. The service included lubrication and this eliminated the noise completely. I highly recommend Garage Door Repair in Columbia Heights.


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